previously published

”Hávamál - Song one; Freyr” for Filthy Figments
”IKEA wants me to think they’re nice” for The Nib

“Bentley Jones and the Lady in Neon” for Filthy Figments.
1049” for Filthy Figments
Scoliosis” in On Bodies, 3 of Cups Press
The Unbeing” in Dirty Diamonds 9, published by Dirty Diamonds.
Bentley Jones and the Tasseled Temptress” for Filthy Figments.
”Bentley Jones and the Ruby Rose at Dawn” for Filthy Figments.

Non-binary and Bisexual” for Oh Joy Sex Toy
Let's (not) talk about sex” in Dirty Diamonds 8, published by Dirty Diamonds.
Björn Afzelius” in Dead Singer Society #3, published by Good Comics  
Entropy” in Beyond Anthology 2, published by Beyond Press
That Guy” in Blocked, published by Little Red Bird Press     
The Price of Airmale” in the Not Forgotten Anthology.
Go Slow” for Draw the Line Comics

Belle” for Filthy Figments
Sneaky Business” in Sneaky Business #2, published by Rozi Hathaway
Sid Vicious” in Dead Singer Society #2, published by Good Comics
Sword and Shield” in Dirty Diamonds #7, published by Dirty Diamonds

2015 and older
Untitled” in Dirty Diamonds #6, published by Dirty Diamonds 
”Meaty Memories” in the  Comfort Food Zine, curated by Lauren Jordan
”Everything I Know I Learned From Sailor Moon” in I Was a Teenage Gargoyle, published by Sawdust Press.