Bentley Jones and the lady in Neon - 2018

21 page comic for Filthy Figments. Bentley Jones is the story about a hardboiled detective, a sultry nightclub singer and how some wounds will never heal.

Non-binary and bisexual - 2017

5 page comic made for Oh Joy Sex Toy about my experiences as a non-binary bisexual. Full comic can be read here

Belle - 2016-2017

116 page comic for Filthy Figments about a Swedish King and the love of her life. The collected series can be purchased at ComicOrgy

Entropy - 2017

12 page comic made for Beyond Press and Beyond: The Queer Sci-Fi and Fantasy Anthology, Volume 2. Entropy is a story about love and loss in a post-apocalyptic world. 

That Guy - 2017

4 page comic originally published in Blocked: Stories from Online Dating by Little Red Bird PressThat Guy is an autobiographical story about this guy I talked to on a dating site once, and how that's not always such a great idea.

Lets' (not) talk about sex - 2017

3 page comic about my changing relationship with sex, published in Dirty Diamonds #8 - Sex. The comic can be purchased here

Airmale - 2017

10 page comic, reimagining a Golden Age superhero. Originally made for the Not Forgotten Anthology. 

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