Illustrator and comic artist from Stockholm, Sweden. I've been making comics since 2005, most of which are now buried in the backyard and with good reason. These days I do a lot of stories about queer experiences in a variety of genres, but especially historical representation.

I've previously been published in anthologies by Dirty Diamonds, Good Comics and Beyond Press. See below for full publication list. 

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Published comics - print

2017 - Let's Not Talk About Sex in Dirty Diamonds #8, by Dirty Diamonds

2017 - Björn Afzelius in Dead Singers Society 3 by Good Comics.

2017 - Entropy in Beyond 2, published by Beyond Press

2017 - That Guy in Blocked, published by Little Red Bird Media

2017 - Price of Airmale in Not Forgotten Anthology

2016 - Sneaky Business in Sneaky Business 2 by Rozi Hathaway

2016 - Sid Vicious in Dead Singers Society 2 by Good Comics

2016 - Sword and Shield in Dirty Diamonds #7 by Dirty Diamonds.

2015 - Untitled in Dirty Diamonds #6 by Dirty Diamonds.

2015 - Meaty Memories in Comfort Food Zine by Lauren Jordan. 

2012 - Everything I know I learned from Sailor Moon in I Was a Teenage Gargoyle by Sawdust Press

2007 - Mangatalangen by Bonnier Carlsen. 

Published Comics - online

2016-2017 - Belle for Filthy Figments. Available as ebook on ComicOrgy.

Published illustrations - print

2017 - Buff Babes volume 3: Extraterrestial. Curated by Noella Whitney. 

2017 - Coven: A Witchy Art Zine. Curated by Allison Ranieri. 

2016 - The Dream Cluster. Curated by Mirelle Ortega. 

2016 - Myth and Magick - A Witch Zine. Curated by Sarah Calle.